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Gateway Changelog

Version Description
  • Added NSIS installer (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System)
  • Removed NETSERVER_HOME environement variable
  • Added custom fields
  • Added automation
  • Manage of client keepalive/timeout
  • Major update of the data exchange protocol
  • Added treatment server terminaison signal
  • Changed net_get_field function parameter
  • Treatment table version of the database
  • Treatment bugs status
  • server messages English translation
  • Outsourcing of API functions postgresql
  • Change the port number (4000 => 49900)
  • Adding parameters test runs
  • Changing the length of the names of requirements, scenario, project, campaign (64 => 128 characters)
  • Adding column revision in the execution of a campaign
  • Added column reproducibility in an anomaly
  • Updated init.d script for debian package
  • adding file management netserver.pid
  • Change management logs and conf file NetServer
  • Updated versions of tests to support actions related
  • Remove the license verification
  • further adding to the length of some columns
  • Added server message PREPARE_RESULTS_SET
  • Message Processing and CLEAR_LAST_RESULTS_SET GET_LAST_RESULTS_SET server
  • Treatment responsetoo long
  • Fixed bugserver log (reckoning NETSERVER_HOME)
  • Correction bp + reconnection support Postgres <= 8.1 (removal calls PQencryptPassword)
  • Updated NetServer service on Windows
  • Gathering traces and errors in a single stream of log
  • Added recovery of the server version
  • Adding messagestransaction management (begin, commit, rollback)
  • creating a new version
  • server logs
  • Added log messages
  • Displacement netserver.conf
  • Added daemon startup script (service) netserverd
  • Added server startup option (-f => config file)
  • Initializing memory of server sessions
  • Changing channels beginning and end of packets (and PAQUET_START PAQUET_STOP)
  • User rights management
  • Adding locks records messages
  • Treatmentloss database server connection
  • Added download / upload files (attachments)
  • closing socket after receiving SIGKILL
  • Management Licensing
  • parameters and server logs
  • Added processing SIGCHLD
  • zombies server
  • First stable release